Conferences & Presentations
  • Presentations in  International Meeting

    1.Autism spectrum Disorders (Conference) II. International  Autism Conference.Baku 2016


    2.Comorbidity in Autism spectrum disorder (Course) II.International   Autism Conference.Baku  Azerbayjan 2016


     3.What Happens to Children Who Lose the Diagnosis of Autism?A clinical Follow Up study.  16TH ESCAP  2015 Madrid Spain( conference)


    4.Follow Up of Children and Adolescent with Past History of Autism(Poster with Tuba Mutluer,Başak Paşabeyoğlu,Ayla Umut) 15th IMFAR  Salt Lake City USA


    5.Recent developments in Autism Spectrum Disorders . Near East University ,Cyprus  20th April 2015


    6..Current approaches to Autism Spectrum Disorders . Baku Azerbaijan 7th April 2015


    7.Autism Spectrum Disorder: An overview. International Autism Conference –Antalya 2014


    8.Diagnostic assessment in autism spectrum disorders. International Conference of Psychpharmacology Conference Antalya 2014


    9.Charcteristics of Children Who lost the diagnosis of Autism. IMFAR, San Sebastian 2013

    10.“Recovery in autism” .6th International Iranian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ,Tebriz-Iran 18
    Sep 2013


    11.Diagnostic Assessment in autism spectrum disorders.
    6th International Iranian Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry ,Tebriz-Iran
    19 Sep 2013


    12.   Optimal Outcome in Autism.ACAPAP –Paris(2012)


    13. Out come in Autism Spectrum Disorders (conference)  1.Congresso Internasionale Autismo  Oct 1-2  2011  Salerno Italy


    14.Comorbidity Of Pediatric Bipolar Disorder with ADHD (Symposium). Sep 18-22 ,2011 World Psychiatric Association  Buenos Aires Argentina


    15.Suicide in individuals with autism spectrum disorders. IMFAR , May 12-14 San Diego ,CA,USA ( joint with Dr Tutkunkardaş)


    16.Post Travmatic Stres Disorder in subject with autism spectrum disorders. IMFAR , May 12-14 San Diego ,CA,USA (joint with Dr Mehtar)


    17.Comorbidity of Mood disorder with ADHD.(workshop),presented at Life long Education for ADHD Physician(LEAP)Madrid    Nov 26-27   2010 Madrid Spain


    18. Referral Pattern in Children and Adolescents with Asperger Syndrome: a Turkish Sample(Joint with Dr Tanidir)  57 th Annual Meeting AACAP Oct 2010 New York


    19. Comorbidity of ADHD&Neurodevelopmental Disorders(Symposium).19th World congress of International   Assoc. For  Child &Adolesc.Psychiatry and allied Professiona(IACAPAP) Beijing China June 2010


    20.Differences in Outcome and Developmental Trajectories in Autism Spectrum Disorders(Symposium) 19th World congress of International   Assoc. For  Child &Adolesc.Psychiatry and allied Professiona(IACAPAP) Beijing China June 2010China


    21.Suicidal Behaviors in Individuals with Diagnosis of High Functioning Autism Spectrum Disorders.(oral presentation joint with Dr Tutkunkardaş&Karakoç) 19th World congress of International   Assoc. For  Child &Adolesc.Psychiatry and allied Professiona(IACAPAP) Beijing China June 2010China


    22.Comparing the psychiatric comorbidity between high functioning autism and asperger’s disorder.Poster(Joint with Dr Herguner &Tanidir) ,56 th Annual Meeting AACAP HAWAI I,Honolulu  Oct 2009


    23.Comorbidity of Bipolar Disorders in subjects with Autism Spectrum Disorders.(Joint with Dr Herguner ve Tanidir)8 th IMFAR Chicago 2009


    24.Psychiatric Disorders in Individuals with High-Functioning Autism and Asperger’s Disorder: Similarities and Differences (Symposit) ESCAP  2009 Budapest


    25. Asperger’s Disorder (invited speaker ) ,autism conference” II bambino autistic cresce” 25-26 sep 2009    Sicily ,ITALY


    26.Assessment of autism spectrum disorder from infancy to adulthood.(Course,invited speaker) Bucharest 14 April 2008


    27 .Psychiatric comorbidity in asperger disorder. Work Shop Internazionale l autismo oGGi .Genoa Italy 22-24 oct 2008(Invited Speaker)


    28.Co-morbidity of Bipolar Disorder in Children and Adolescents with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)(Joint with Dr Luş).55th AACAP ,Chicago 2008.


    29.Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Bipolar Disorder :Comorbidity in Children and Adolescents 11TH Bridging Western and Eastern Psychiatry(Conference) Antalya ,Sep 2008


    30.Autism Spectrum Disorders and sensory impairments.(Symposist) 18 th World congress of International   Assoc. For  Child &Adolesc.Psychiatry and allied Professiona(.IACAPAP) Istanbul Turkey May  2008


    31.Comorbidity of psychiatric disorders in individuals with diagnosis of Asperger disorder. (Symposist) 18. th World congress of International   Assoc. For  Child &Adolesc.Psychiatry and allied Professiona (IACAPAP) Istanbul Turkey May 2008


    32..Mirtazapine for execessive masturbation in subjects with diagnosis of autistic disorder.(Poster) 18 th World congress of International   Assoc. For  Child &Adolesc.Psychiatry and allied Professiona(.IACAPAP)(Joint with Dr Coskun et al) İstanbul Turkey May 20008


    33.Subacute sclerosing panensephalitis presenting with psychotic symptoms.(Poster) (joint with Dr Tanidir ) 18 th World congress of International   Assoc. For  Child &Adolesc.Psychiatry and allied Professional(IACAPAP) İstanbul Turkey.


    34.Psychiatric comorbidity in subjects with AS(poster ) IMFAR 2008 London


    35. Psychopharmacology of Autistic Spectrum Disorders. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Department , Carol Davila  Univeristy of Mdicine and Pharmacy:Romania ,Bucharest  2007(invited speaker)


    36. Pervasive Developmental Disorders in Individuals  With Cerebral Palcy.54 th Annual  Meeting,American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry  Boston USA 2007(Scentific Proceeding  page 230 joint with Dr Kilincaslan)


    37.Autosomal recessive loci in familial autism using a systematic homozygosity mapping strategy .(Joint with Dr Morrow etal.) BIOLOGICAL PSYCHIATRY 61 (8): 10S-10S 25 Suppl. S, APR 15 2007 meeting abstract


    38.Identification of  Autosomal Recessive Genes for Familial Autism and  Mental Retrdation.

    ( oral presentation  ,joint with Dr Morrow ,Montreal , IMFAR 2006)


    39.Agnesis of the Corpus Callosum and Autistic Disorder.

     (Poster with Dr Herguner , IMFAR  Montreal 2006


    40.Exacerbation of autistic features during episodes of Kleine-Levin Syndrome in a case with Overgrowth syndrme and PDD-NOS

     (  Joint with Dr Fateh &Kilincaslan) Poster IMFAR  Montreal 2006


    41.ADHD in Turkey  (Symposit),World Psychiatric Association meeting) 12-16 July  2006, Istanbul


    42.Tactile sensitivity in autism.(Joint with Burak Guçlü Et al.)3th International developmental neuropsychiatry   meeting 2006  İstanbul


    43.Identification of  Autosomal Recessive Genes for Familial Autism and  Mental Retrdation.(joint with Dr Morrow)

    (oral presentation Montreal , IMFAR 2006)


    44.Tactile sensitivity in autism.( Poster  joint with Dr Guçlü ,)Neouroscience meeting Washington DC 2005 )


    45.Autism in Visually impaired individuals (Oral presentation),IMFAR , Boston, May 2005


    46.Reactive attachment disorder in Turkey.(Conference)  16.IACAPAP Meeting  Berlin 2004


    47.Neuropsychological assessment of cases with Aperger Disorder  (poster ,joint with Dr.Kilinçaslan)  16.IACAPAP Meeting Berlin 2004


    48. Risperdone Treatment of Children and  Adolescents With Pervasive Developmental Disorder:  an  Open Pilot Study. (Poster joint with Dr Abalı,) Social Brain  Sweden 2003.


    49. Homicid in a 10-years old Girl with Autistic Disorder. (poster joint with Dr Topçu)Social  Brain Sweeden 2003.


    50. Early Childhood Neglect and Overeating: What Can We Learn About Childhood. World Association for İnfant Mental Health (WAIMH) 2002 Amsterdam.(Oral Presentation,Joint with Dr Riolo)


    51. Sosyodemographic and Clinical Characteristics of Cases With RAD   (Poster,Joint with Dr Abali)-WAIMH 2002 Amsterdam.


    52.Citalopram in Cases With Comorbidity  of Tourette, ADHD and OCD.(Poster Joint with Dr Abali&Kaynak) IACAPAP meeting ,  India – 2002.


    53.Citalopram in Children and Adolescent With OCD. Poster Joint with Dr Abali&Kaynak

        XII WPA Congress Yokohama – Japon 2002.


     54.Prevalance of ADHD in Children of Alcoholics.( Poster ,Joint with Dr Kaynak)WPA 2002, Japan.


    55.Psychoeducational Treatment of Cases With  Autism and Reactive Attachment Disorder(Poster ,Joint with Dr Kaynak) ISIS 2002- Toronto


    56.Trichotillomania in Monozygot twin (Poster ,Joint with Dr Kaynak) Child Congress 2001,   Israel.


    57..Neuropsychological Test Findings in Turkish Children with ADHD: Attention, Memory, Visuaspatial Abilities and Executive Functions. 3 RD International Scientific Symosyum on Tourette Syndrome (Poster ,Joint with Dr Kora) New York 1999.


    58. Is Borderline Personality Disorders an Expession of Attention Deficit / Hyperactivty Disorder in Adults? (Oral Persantation ,joint with Dr Kora)  III. Turkish-Germany Psychiatry Congress Berlin-1998.


    59 .Neuropsychological Feautures of Turkish Children With ADHD (Poster ,Joint with Dr Kora)Turkish – Genman Psychiatry Congress-Berlin 1998.


  • Presentations in National Meetings

    1. Different diagnosis in different psychiatric hospitalization. 25. National Meeting of Psychiatry and Noroloji Mersin 1989.


    2. Psychotherapy in obesity. Annual Meeting of Psychiatry – Balçova 1990


    3. Comparsion of ADHD criteria in DSM III-R     with “ Hiperkinetic Disorder” in ICD-10 . III. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Congress Istanbul – 1993.


    4. WISC-R & Bender Gestalt in Children with ADHD, III Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Congress İstanbul 1993.


    5. Comparison of Personality of Parents of Children with Conduct Disorder with Parents of Children with ADHD III. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry congress Istanbul 1993.


    6. Consultation Service in Child Psychiatry Department. III. Liasion Psychiatry Congress Istanbul 1994.


    7. From Oedipal Phase to Latency: Identification with Agressor  IV. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Congress Bursa 1994.


    8. Basic Principle of Pediatric Psychopharmacology (invited speaker) IV. Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Congress Bursa 1994.


    9. Treatment of Depression in Childhood (invited speakar) III: Anatolia Psychiatry symposium . Trabzon 1995.


    10. Efficacy of Fluoxetine in Social Phobia: V. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Congress Ankara 1995.


    11. Clinical Evaluation of Cases who exposed to sexual abuse. V. Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Congress 1995.


    12. EEG Findings in Cases with Dissociative Disorder. 13. National Clinical Neurophysiologi Congress. Istanbul 1995.


    13. Problems in Methodology of Child Psychiatry Epidemiyological study ( invited speaker) IV Anatolia Psychiatry Sylmposium . Konya  1995.


    14. EEG and Anticonvulsion drugs in Child Psychiatric Disorder (invited speaker) Postgraduate Course of Neurology Istanbul 1996.


    15. Efficacy and Limitation of Cognitive – Behavioral Psychotherapy in Children and Adolescents (invited speaker) 6. Child&Adolescent Psychiatry  Congres. Pamukkale 1996


    16. “Psychosexual Development”. 19. Pediatri Symposium. 1997 Istanbul


    17. “Psychosocial Developments. “14. Istanbul Medical Faculty Postgraduate Course (invited speaker) 1997, Istanbul.


    18. Differential Diagnosis Between Cases with PDD and L.Klefner. IIX National Child &Adolescent Psychiatry  Sapanca 1998.


    19. Comorbidity of Borderline Personality Disorder and ADHD. IIX National Child Psychiatry Congress Sapanca 1998.


    20. Pervasive developmental disorder: Difficulties in diagnosis. (invited speaker) IIX National Child & Adolescent Psychiatry Congress 1998.


    21. EEG Findings in Cases With Autism 9. National Child Psychiatry Congress.

    Adana 1999.


    22. Relationship between clinical symptoms and HLA in autistic disorder. IX- National Child Psychiatry Congress.  Adana 1999.


    23. Chromozomal Abnormalities in Cases with Autistic Disorder: Case Report IX Child Psychiatry Congress Adana 1999.


    24. Borderline Personality Disorder and ADHD. Mualla Öztürk Symposium Ankara 1999.


    25. Reactive Attachment Disorder and similarity with autism. (invited speaker). Spring symposium . Antalya 2001


    26. Mothers and their children in nontraditional families (invited speaker) Springs Symposium Antalya 2003-05-07.


    27.Asperger Syndrome.I. Istanbul Autism Symposıum. Istanbul 2003


    28.Clinical Charecteristics of Cases with  Asperger Disorder,(invited speaker) National Child Psychiatry Meeting 2004 Bursa, Turkey


    29.Autism and Visual Impairment. II.Istanbul Autism Symposium ,Istanbul Turkey  2004


    30-ADHD in Adolescent . (invited speaker).IX. Adolescents Meetings Istanbul Turkey 2004


    31-Comorbidity in Autism.(invited speaker)I .International Special education and autism symposium,Izmir Turkey. 2005


    32-Early symptoms of autism.(invited speaker).III. International meeting of Cerebral Palsy.Istanbul 2005


    33- ADHD :Clincal charecteristics,comorbidity,prognosis.(invited speaker).I .Psychopharmacology congress .Istanbul 2005


    34- Early symptoms of autistic disorder.(invited speaker)Pediatri conference Istanbul 2006


    35-Clinical Characteristics of Autism .( invited speaker)Turkish-Fin  Pediatri Congress 2006 Anatalya


    36- Autism ( invited speaker),VI- Child Neurolgy meetings  Isatnbul Turkey 2007


    37-Learning Disorders :clinical features and  comorbidities. (invited speaker)16th National Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting  İzmir 2007


    38-Neuropsychological features in Rolandic Epilepsy : A preliminary report(oral presentation).Psikosomatic medicine meeting –III  2007


    39.Psychophramcology of Autistic disorder and comorbid disorders( invited speaker).Yavuz Renda symposium,3. child Neurology-Psychiatry meeting Afyon 2007


    40- Pervasive Devlopmental Disorders and Childhood Psychotic Disorders:Comorbidities and diferential Diagnosis.( invited speaker) 16 Adolescent Conference Turkey  2007


    41-Autistic Disorder . Pediatri Course program 2007


    42-ADHD.Pediatry Course program 2007


    43- Assessment of ADHD and comorbid condidtions.ADHD institute(Jenssen Cilag)14 March 2008


    44-Treatment strategy in subjects with comorbidity of epilepsy ,autism ,tic and  ADHD ADHD institute(Jenssen -Cilag)15 march 2008


    41-Asperger Disorder: Psychiatric Comorbidity .18 National Child Psychiatry Conference,İstanbul,Turkey


    42-ADHD:55 th Annual National Pediatry Conference –Antalya 2008


    43-Comorbid issue in ADHD .ADHD institute ,2009


    44-Psychopharmacolgical approaches in individuals with diagnosis of ASD. 3rd Psychopharmacolgy congress –Istanbul,2009


    45-Co existance of Bipolar disorder and ASD.19th  National child and adolesecnt Psychiatry Congress. Antakya 2009 (invited speaker)


    46-Bipolar Disorder &Neueropsychiatric disorder. 20th  National child and adolesecnt Psychiatry Congress. Bodrum 2010(invited speaker)


    47-Autism Spectrum Disorders:Nozological discussion. . 20th  National child and adolesecnt Psychiatry Congress. Bodrum 2010(invited speaker)


    48.Life events and ADHD. 21th  National child and adolesecnt Psychiatry Congress. Bodrum 2011(invited speaker)

    49.ADHD&Mood Disorders in Adolescents. 8th  Biyolojik Psikiyatri Conference,İstanbul 2011

    50.Autistic spectrum disorder through life span. 8th  Biyolojik Psikiyatri Conference ,İstanbul 2011

    51.  Efective Treatment in ADHD.4Th  ADHD Institute İstanbul  2011

    52.DEHB ve kaygı boz ayırıcı tanı. 4 uncu  DEHB Enstitüsü İstanbul  2011


    53. Tic,OCD,ve Masturbation  . 47th  Neurology annaual congress 2011 Antalya

    54.Attention defict Hyperactivity Disorder Adana
    8 Jan 2013


    55.Effective treatment in ADHD.  4 march 2013 , Kocaeli University,Izmit

    56.Treatment approaches in ADHD. 14 March 2013 Izmir Ege University


    57. Autism spectrum disorders  15 March 2013  Izmir Ege University


    58:  Is cure possible in autism?World Autism Awareness Symposium Istanbul


    59:  , Treatment approaches in ADHD  April 2013 Ankara ,


    60: ADHD : an overview .18 April  Istanbul

    61:Assessment in autism spectrum disorders(course),25 April Istanbul

    62: Assessment and follow up  in autism spectrum disorders.23th National Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting(Edirne 2013)


    63:Comorbidity of ADHD and ASD. (invited speaker) 23th National Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting(Edirne 2013)


    64:Psychiatric Approaches  in ASD(invited speaker) . 23th National Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting(Edirne 2013)


    65:ADHD:An overview.15th (invited speaker).National Child Neurology Conference Sivas.


    66: Diagnosis and treatment in ADHD . 49th . Turkish Pediatric Congress . İstanbul Lütfi Kırdar Congress Center June 2013


    67.Treatment in ADHD. 5th ADHD Institute Istanbul


    68. Recovery form autism,myth or reality?1.konya Autism Days Nov 2013  Konya


    69. Assessment and follow up in Autism. (invited speaker)I. Konya Autism Days  Nov 2013  Konya


    70. ADHD and comorbid disorders: Treatment Approaches (invited speaker).25 th  Annual  National Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting –Istanbul Turkey  April 2015


    71-Early detection in Autism Spectrum Disorders (invited speaker). 25 th  Annual  National Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting –Istanbul Turkey  April 2015


     72.Assessment and Follow Up in Autism Spectrum Disorders . (invited speaker) 25 th  Annual  National Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Meeting –Istanbul Turkey April 2015


     73.Autism Spectrum Disorders( 14th April 2015) (invited speaker) Şişli Municipaliity,Istanbul


     74.Autism Spectrum Disorders( 16 April 2015) (invited speaker) Istanbul Municipality,Istanbul


    75. Revery from autism,myth or reality? (invited speaker)  Mualla Ozturk Symposium Ankara Feb 2016


     76. What is new  in Autism Field ? (invited speaker)  26 . National  Annual  Meeting of Child and adolescent psychiatry     April  İZMİR


    77. Early detection of autism . (invited speaker)60 th Turkish National  Pediatri Congress  Nov 2016  Antalya


    78.Early signs of autism in infancy((invited speaker)Child Friends Conference 8 March 2017 İstanbul


    79 .Autism  diagnosis in children under 3 . (invited speaker)Autism from diagnosis to Intervention Meeting  .Biruni  University  April  2017


    80.Do children with autism recover? Autism Awareness Meeting .Koç University April 2017


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